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5 reasons why you should study business

Business in the age of globalization and the COVID 19 pandemic continues to evolve. Whether you are planning to serve in e-commerce, accounting, ministry, non-profit, social enterprise, retail, start your own business, here are five key reasons why you should study business and how it can open a world of possibilities for you. 

1. Unlock the innovator or entrepreneur in you: Purpose 

Students study business for many reasons, including launching their business with an aim to make a difference. Others just want to make a difference in business or other organisations whether it be not-for-profit, schools or otherwise. Success in entrepreneurship requires innovation, creativity and implementation strategies. Going to the right business school will develop your skills and God-infused talents, enabling you to be effective, equipping you to serve with purpose.  

 2.Develop crucial communication skills 

Creating a convincing report, pitching a proposal in a presentation, negotiating a deal, or drafting an effective email, requires excellent communication skills. Studying business will provide you with opportunities to develop your communication skills through working on a range of challenging projects. Working with other students, understanding different views while presenting your own will help you hone critical thinking and analytical skills. Learn to analyse cases, respond diplomatically to opposing opinions, and master the art of making your point gracefully. 

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3.Marketing 101: Know your audience 

Working in organisations requires understanding of the needs and wants of the different groups of people that you serve. Marketing helps you work with customer, employee and stakeholder groups to enable good decision making. Knowing how to influence decision-making and how consumers behave are useful skills.  

4. Accounting, budgeting and finance: Don’t fall short

Businesses and organisations fail due to poor financial management. Studying business and acquiring the basics of accounting and finance will equip you to manage and steward resources well.  A good understanding of how world events affect markets and businesses and assessing the organisation’s financial health go a long way in making sound business decisions. 

5. Project management: A transferrable skill for any sector

Are you tasked with having to manage projects? A business degree can strengthen your project management capabilities in any sector. Through working on real world challenges, you’ll learn to problem-solve issues and challenges and prioritise resources and make things happen! 

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 Why study business? To be connected (through other students and your faculty), acquire a range of practical business skills and be equipped for service. Most of all, to set yourself up for a God-purposed future. 

Even starting your with a Diploma that requires no ATAR can be a great stepping stone into a Bachelor or more!

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